Quasars And Nebulas new movie,"Super Stim" to come out Fall 2016.

Super Stim is about a man who always finds himself in a peculiar situation who stumbles upon super powers. He must stop the evil enemy before it is to late. He even gets the help from a trusty sidekick. Will he save the day or will he fail at the hands of his enemy?

The film takes a funny and adventurous turn. This slapstick comedy is similar to Adam Sandler, Trailer Park Boys and Big Chuck ad Little John. The character Stim is played by a local actor Bryan Geary. Stim is constantly terrorized by his arch enemy throughout the series whom which is ironicly his best friend.

In this film Stim is trying to get ready for his vacation when he sees a lady in trouble. Stim being a stand up guy tries to step in and help the lady who has just had her purse robbed. Eventually, he comes across super powers that will allow him to track down the enemy in the city of Cleveland Ohio. He gets some much needed help when the women becomes a super hero as well.

As they search high and low they run into a long line of guests that will eventually help them along the journey. A crazy taxi drive named moe a marshmellow connoisseur, a cat and a group of trouble making kids. Stim does not know that these characters will eventually lead him to his enemy. Stim will search every alley way, trolly car, skyscaraper and bus stop untill justice is served.

The film will show at the local Indie Gathering in Hudson Ohio. Stim will be present and will open for photo oppertunities. Please check out more of the YouTube skits at the link below. Keep an eye out for Super Stim because he will keep Cleveland save.

Who is Stim

Stim was introduced in 2012 as a youtube comedy skit. The character takes the audience on a journey throughout his life. Some good experiences, but mostly bad. The houmor of the improv, sketch comedy show will have you laughing your head off.

A little about Quasars and Nebulas

Q&N is a new independent film production, and distribution company led by a management team with over 10 years of experience in development, production, distribution and marketing of feature films and television programming.

The company believes that there is a largely unaddressed market opportunity for an independent company to produce and acquire modestly budgeted, theatrical quality films and distribute these to theaters, video and television in the US marketplace at a level of release that assures a maximum return-on-investment and predictable results.


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